Mapping a path to success

Over the past 30 years, the private equity industry has shown exponential growth. Today, with now over 1,800 private equity firms in the US and over 2,500 firms worldwide, capital for private business has never been more abundant or available.

With many firms today looking to generate returns through financial engineering, Wasena Capital Management strives to be different.

  • We work in partnership with management. We understand it takes commitment, determination and hard work to build value in middle market businesses. At Wasena Capital, we collaborate with management teams, working shoulder to shoulder to create value. 
  • Furthermore, we know that different businesses need assistance in different areas.  Wasena looks to tailor its assistance to provide value based on the needs of the business and management team. We can assist management teams in applying sound analytical approaches to develop and assess growth strategies as well as working with management to prioritize and frame key strategic issues.  Wasena collaborates in the development and implementation of organic growth strategies including:
    • Increasing production capacity
    • Broadening the manufacturing footprint
    • Extending product lines
    • Expanding distribution 
  • A key value driver for many private businesses is a solid acquisition strategy.  Having worked as a strategic partner on numerous add-on acquisitions, we can assist with the development of an acquisition strategy, the sourcing of acquisition targets, the negotiation and structuring of a transaction and the final integration of the acquired business.
  • Wasena also provides access to a broad network of relationships to provide additional capital and resources to elevate businesses to the next level.
  • Finally and of utmost importance to us is our belief system. We work hard to build a foundation of trust with the seller, the management team and the lenders by being fully honest all of the time – even when it is uncomfortable to do so.